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Food For Thought
Bellisari's Barista Sauce and Saigon Street Sauce next to eachother

How do we even begin to compare two things that in my mind are equally wonderful? Of course, I think all of our gourmet spreads and sauces are excellent products and that any one of them would be just as good as the next -- equally fabulous, each in its own way. But each one definitely has its “best” uses, when I must admit, one of our products might be better in one situation than another. For example, let’s compare Bellisari’s Saigon Street Sauce with our Barista Sauce. While they both are great to use with almost any meats as finishing sauces, depending on your desired finished product, each will give delicious yet quite different results.

Saigon Street Sauce – This non-traditional sauce, inspired by Vietnamese food, is an exceptional balance of heat and sweet roasted garlic flavor. This mustard-based pepper sauce harmonizes well with burgers, sandwiches, and as a gourmet finishing sauce. When looking for the perfect beverage to serve with anything you make with our Saigon Street Sauce, we think this flavor profile pairs extremely well with a dry stout.

Barista Sauce – This sweet, thick sauce has a complex flavor line-up that lingers with a subtle kick of black pepper and red chilis. Made in small batches, this sauce is perfect as a finishing touch on succulent pulled pork or brushed on grilled chicken in the last 20 minutes of cooking. Try pairing dishes made with Barista Sauce with an amber lager or dunkelweizen for a beer that won’t overshadow but instead will complement and enhance the nuanced flavors contained in this excellent sauce. 

If we take a “this vs. that” look at these two tasty sauces we see that while they both can be used similarly, the finished products are deliciously different!

Saigon Street Sauce

  • A sweet and savory whole mustard sauce that is very versatile. 
  • Great as a condiment, finishing sauce, dipping sauce, and spread. 
  • Has just a subtle hint of spice. 
  • Pairs well with pork, beef, and fish.

Barista Sauce 

  • Grilling inspired thick, sweet sauce with a deep flavor combination of coffee, garlic, black pepper, and chilies. 
  • Versatile as a marinade for flank steak or chicken. 
  • Perfect for brushing on chicken for the last 10 minutes of grilling as a finishing sauce. 
  • Perfect accompaniment with bacon!!!

So you can see how the Asian-inspired flavors of our Saigon Street Sauce might be perfect to serve with particular side dishes or for the taste preferences of friends or family. Or how our rich, slightly spicy Barista Sauce would be perfect for that backyard bbq with the gang this weekend. 

You choose the gourmet sauce that will best suit your needs, and keep in mind that if you choose to use one of our sauces or spreads this time, you can always choose a different delicious one to use next time! All of us at Bellisari’s hope you’ll try each and every one of our products and enjoy them in all of their varied and exciting uses.

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