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Easter has always been a whimsical time of year in my way of thinking. Even the colors put on a show with their pastels showing brightly yet muted at the same time. Springtime is a raucous mix of baby animals, often represented with cartoon characters, and subtle and not-so-subtle earthly signs of spring. 

As the days grow longer, so does the grass as we ease into the “in-betweenness” this seemingly short season has to offer. The buds on the trees begin to open into flowers and/or leaves, and soon the fruits of the planet’s labor will be abundantly apparent. 

Springtime is inevitable, so it comes as no surprise when it comes, even though some sights and signs of springtime might be surprising in and of themselves. For example – songs. Have you been listening? A new song might be a sound you could hear only from the throat of a fledgling trying his or her voice and wings for the first time. Or maybe it’s a phrase consisting of the same four notes sung out in the same rhythm time and time again. The main concept is it is NEW! The birds are back, along with warmer temps and the rush toward summer. I think hosting a festive Easter Brunch would be the perfect kickoff for the spring!

Some parts of an Easter Brunch come together easily, like decorating with traditional Easter symbols such as dyed eggs, bunnies, and lambs. An egg hunt is always a fun activity for the kids. Up the stakes this year by hiding a golden egg with a couple of bucks in it. The competition might get fierce, though, so be prepared!

Now let’s talk about what is truly important to us – the food! Okay, so it’s a brunch; which is literally a combination of breakfast and lunch, so I like to make sure there is not only an abundance of offerings but a variety of foods too. It’s breakfast AND lunch, so just breakfast foods aren't going to cut it. That being said, breakfast is still an important part of the meal. I like to make an easy breakfast casserole, or I also love serving this Saigon Steak and Egg Skillet (https://bellisaris.com/pages/saigon-steak-egg-skillet). 

Of course, we’ll need something sweet on the table too, and this Cinnamon Sugar Fig Pull Apart Breakfast Bread is the perfect addition. (https://bellisaris.com/pages/cinnamon-sugar-fig-pull-apart-breakfast-bread

Since we’ve specified that the meal is brunch, we definitely need to add some savory and less “breakfast-y” items to our menu, and this smoked salmon dish is an excellent choice for any brunch. (https://bellisaris.com/pages/avacado-smoked-salmon-with-blue-cheese-honey-shallot) Add a couple of sides that are fruit or vegetable based, maybe some rolls or other sweet breads like muffins or banana bread, and you have a brunch fit for friends and loved ones and a lovely way to celebrate the Easter Holiday. Happy Easter from all of us at Bellisari’s!

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