Honing in on Holiday Treats: What You Should Make for this Holiday Season

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We are getting close to Christmas, and if you’re anything like me you’re crossing things off of a giant “to-do” list just as quickly as possible! If you follow me at all, it would be a safe bet to assume that many tasks on my list have to do with food – buying it, making it, and the best part, EATING it!

Looking for a new dish or beverage that could become a holiday tradition in your home? At www.bellisaris.com we have a vast collection of both sweet and savory recipes. While we all have our favorite traditional holiday treats, it’s really nice to mix it up a bit, and make something surprisingly different. 

Does your family have a traditional beverage that is served at every holiday gathering? Some families make a holiday punch, a spiced cider, or a mulled wine. However, maybe one of the drinks most associated with Christmas is eggnog. Eggnog makes for a rich and comforting drinking sensation, and there are so many great ways to enjoy it! I love it with a little bourbon mixed in. Add a dash of nutmeg, and it’s like Christmas in a glass. My new favorite way to enjoy eggnog is to mix it with almost any of the delicious simple syrups from https://www.root23.com/. I think my favorite combination for Christmas would be eggnog infused with their Cranberry Apple Spice simple syrup. The fragrance alone will put you in the Christmas spirit! Made with organic cane sugar, cranberry juice concentrate, apple juice concentrate, and allspice, this mix of holiday flavors will take you right to holiday town. 😋 Other great candidates for mixing with eggnog are Root 23’s Maple Cinnamon Simple Syrup or Vanilla Ginger Simple Syrup. Visit their website to check out all of the flavors they offer.

Chocolate covered strawberries always look so festive and inviting on a dessert plate. The rich red color and sweet aroma of the berries makes them an excellent and tasty addition to any Christmas plate or platter. Spice things up (literally) a bit this year by mixing Bellisari’s Blistered Jalapeno & Fig spread with the chocolate. The subtle heat from the jalapeno peppers and the sweetness of the figs mixes beautifully with chocolate to make a familiar, yet totally new, treat for family and friends.

I love this next idea! Mix Bellisari’s Harvest Ginger Peach Spread with caramel to make an amazing dip for fruits, angel food or pound cake, and really anything else that comes to mind and is good for dipping. The beauty of this one is that you could buy a container of caramel fruit dip at the grocery store and instantly elevate it with the addition of our newest product.

How does this sound? Bite-sized caramel apple pie - using phyllo shells? (https://bellisaris.com/pages/caramel-apple-pie-bites) They not only sound delicious, but they are also super easy to make using Bellisari’s fill-and-serve Mini Phyllo Shells. These little delights save time by really requiring zero preparations. Making this mouth-watering apple filling and spooning it into the prepared shells is as easy as pie! 😊

At this time of year, I really enjoy making all of my Christmas goodies. But with so much on our plates these days, sometimes we need a recipe that’s easy, quick, and so delicious that whomever you share them with will be clamoring for the recipe. Happy holidays from all of us at Bellisari’s!

2 eggnog glasses with cinnamon sticks on a cutting board with pine and pinecones.

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