Food for Thought: Defining Bellisari’s: Who are We?

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Defining who a company is can be difficult. Can one, with mere words, show the purpose and goal of a business? How does one portray a feeling? How does one describe a thought process? It’s challenging but I’ll make an effort here today. What is Bellisari’s? The age-old question of defining who we are. In a word – we are family. We are aunts, uncles, mothers, brothers, and friends we love like blood relatives gathered around the kitchen island, sharing life and love. We are listening to Grandpa tell the same stories he’s told for years. We are laughing at Dad’s famed secret ingredient (the secret is sage, but no one has the heart to tell him we all know).We are laughter and good food, we are passion, and we are togetherness.


We are laughter and good food – our gourmet sauces and spreads are perfect for sharing when you and your loved ones are celebrating important family events. As part of a charcuterie board or as the seasoning in a main course or side dish, our products bring gourmet flavors to any party!


We are passion – passion for simple, bold ingredients that let the flavors shine, passion for creativity in the kitchen, and passion for culinary combinations that make it all too easy to celebrate any occasion. Our passion is tasted in every bite of something made with any of our gourmet sauces and spreads. Whether on their own or as ingredients in any delicious dish, our products bring our passion to life on the plate.


We created Bellisari’s with a distinct vision of togetherness. We wanted to create high-quality products our whole family can be proud of. With a few secret ingredients for a unique taste, but with a familiar feeling that takes you back to that kitchen island, our sauces and spreads bring you a feeling of being surrounded by comforting warmth, familiar stories, delicious smells, fond memories, and the warm and loving embrace of family and friends.


If one can equate food with feelings, Bellisari’s endeavors to bring only the best feelings to your table, whether you’re having a simple week-night dinner or throwing an elaborate affair. Our hope is that any time you are eating something made with Bellisari’s, those warm feelings will flood your senses with every bite.


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, a day where traditionally, food is the star of the show. Start a new tradition this year by incorporating our delicious gourmet flavors into your traditional Thanksgiving offerings. 


If it’s your turn to bring the appetizers, nothing is easier (or yummier!) than our Blistered Jalapeno and Fig Mini Phyllo Shells. ( If you’re making a side dish this year, our Balsamic Shallot Brussel Sprouts will be a huge hit, even with those who thought they didn’t like brussel sprouts! ( Finally, even desserts can be made with our versatile spreads and sauces. Any time I take this Pineapple Fig Casserole ( to a gathering, I might as well print out recipe cards because everyone will ask for the recipe.


This year, I’m giving thanks for Bellisari’s. Our sauces and spreads can be found at many stores throughout our region and across the country. Visit to learn where to purchase and how to use our products. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Bellisari’s!

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