Phyllo Candy Bites

Bellisari's pre-baked mini pastry cups filled with Halloween chocolate candy, marshmallows sit on top of a black cake stand. They are drizzled with orange melted chocolate and black, glittered icing. Slightly out of focus in the background, fake spider-webs cover the table and a black decorative carved pumpkin is seen at the top of the image. Also slightly out of focus in a black mini cauldron that appears to be steaming, which is really just white stuffing.

Reese's peanut butter cups
Mini Snicker's bars
Twix bars
1 package Bellisari's Phyllo Shells
Melted chocolate
Orange food coloring (optional)
Mini marshmallows
Halloween sprinkles
Black icing with glitter

Cut the candy bars into 1/4" slices, preferably smaller cubes. Fill Phyllo shells with a couple slices of Reese's cups and add mini marshmallows. Take melted chocolate and add orange food coloring. Drizzle melted chocolate and icing over each phyllo shell. Top with sprinkles and serve!