Bellisari’s Balsamic, Shallot & Black Garlic Caprese Portobello Skewers

Bellisari’s Caprese Portobello Skewers

Makes 3 Skewers


-Cherry tomatoes

-6 Portobello Mushrooms

-Fresh Mozzarella

-Fresh Basil

-1/2 jar of Bellisari’s Balsamic, Shallot & Black Garlic 


-In a medium sized mixing bowl, add in your mushrooms and ½ jar of Bellisari’s Balsamic, Shallot & Black Garlic and mix until mushrooms are evenly coated and let sit for 15 minutes

-Once mushrooms are marinated, and in 12-15 cherry tomatoes and mix

-Add mushrooms and cherries to the grill, rotating them for approximately 20 minutes (take your cherry tomatoes off at about 10-15 minutes depending on how soft and sweet you want them)

-Once your mushrooms and tomatoes are cooked to your liking, it’s time to add them to skewers along with your mozzarella and fresh basil in whatever order you would like!

-Optional: once skewers are assembled, place back onto grill for 1-2 minutes to warm up the mozzarella

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