Properly Prepare Your Fruits and Vegetables

Posted by Annette Bellisari on

It’s very easy once we get home from the grocery store, to just want to put everything away where it belongs and just walk away. However, your fruits and vegetables need a little attention before you eat them to avoid leftover soil, microbes, and pesticides lingering on them. Here are some tips to clean those yummy foods so that they’re ready for snacking and meals!

  1. First, wash your hands with soap and water!
  2. Wash your produce under cold running water
  3. Cut away and visible bruising or rotten areas
  4. When washing firm produce like melons and cucumbers, use a brush that you’ve designated for this to scrub the skin while washing
  5. When washing leafy greens like spinach and brussels sprouts, remove their outermost layer, submerge in a bowl of cool water for several minutes, drain, and rinse
  6. When washing delicate produce like your berries and mushrooms, hold under a gentle stream of water and lightly scrub with your fingers 

Once you’re done, lay your produce out on a paper towel of rag to dry and then store properly!

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