Toro’s Pomodoro Bull-gnese

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We love a good sauce recipe and our Calabrian Spreads is Nonna's favorite sauce starter. Try making Toro’s Pomodoro Bull-gnese that was created by our good friend Dave Bull tonight over pasta!

"This sauce is a welcome break from traditional Italian pasta sauces. This sweet sauce with undertones of fennel is extremely versatile and bullish on anything—use with your favorite pasta dishes, lasagna, eggplant parmesan, meatballs, or slather on Italian sausage. It’s super easy and certain to be a crowd pleaser." Dave Bull

Pasta with meat sauce


1 9 oz. jar of Bellisari’s Calabrian Pepper & Sweet Tomato Fennel Spread

1 28 oz. can of plain tomato sauce

1 15 oz. can of plain diced tomatoes (strained)

1 6 oz. can of tomato paste


Combine in a medium saucepan and bring to a simmer

For “Bull-gnese”:

Add 1 lb. of lean ground beef, browned and drained

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