Bellisari's Sous Vide Eggs Benedict

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New to sous vide? Try making Bellisari's Sous Vide Eggs Benedict this weekend.

Serves 6-8

½ cup butter, salted, plus more for muffins 
½ cup egg yolk 
¼ cup water 
1 Tbsp. lemon juice 
1 tsp. Salt, kosher 
12 eggs 
6 English muffins 
Cooked bacon slathered in Saigon Street Sauce

About 2 hours before brunch, preheat sous vide to 147°F. Combine ingredients for hollandaise. Dump everything in a Ziplock-style bag, and lower it into the bath. No need to mix it ahead of time. Cooking the ingredients sous vide means you can throw everything in a blender right before breakfast, and your hollandaise will come out velvety smooth.

Add eggs to the same pot.

While the hollandaise is cooking, pop all your eggs into another Ziplock-style bag and place them in the same pot as the hollandaise. (You can cook eggs directly in the water, but the bag makes it easier to lift them out when you’re done.) If the bag floats, just scoop some of the cooking water into it until it sinks.
The eggs can cook at the exact same temperature and for the same amount of time as the hollandaise, so just put them in the same pot.

About an hour before brunch, toast the muffins.

24 English muffins 
Butter, salted, as needed 
Preheat your oven to 200 °F 
Halve the English muffins, and spread some butter on each half. In a skillet over high heat, toast the muffin halves four at a time. Press down on them with another skillet to get an extra-crispy crust.

Toss cooked bacon in Bellisari’s Saigon Street Sauce and layer on the toasted English muffin.

Lay your muffins, nook-and-cranny side up, on a baking sheet. Top each one with a little bacon nest, leaving a space in the center to put the egg in later.

About 20 minutes before go time, take that bag of hollandaise out of the water. 
It’s going to look all greasy and separated, but don’t stress. It’ll come together just fine. Blend everything on medium until it looks nice and fluffy and light yellow.

Plate up the muffins.
Put two muffin halves on each plate so you can crack all the eggs at once in the next step.

Crack and serve eggs.
Pull those eggs out of the water and put them in a bowl nearby. Rest a slotted spoon in another bowl right next to the eggs. Now carefully crack each egg over the slotted spoon so that the excess runny white drains into the bowl. Transfer the egg to a bacon nest. Repeat until all the bacon nests are topped with eggs.

Pour on hollandaise. 
Pour hollandaise straight from the blender onto each egg. You can just eyeball the amount—be conservative at first so you don’t run out. Enjoy!!

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