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It has been a busy last few weeks.  Many exciting things happening for the team here at Bellisari’s so I thought it would be fun to show some of the behind the scenes.

We had a very fun photo shoot with my talented niece and photographer Halle Alessia who came in town to shoot some fall food photos for us.  There’s definitely a theme to the food photography behind the scenes setup.  Most are very simple, unglamorous, and inexpensive. Some are in tiny spaces, and some contain just a couple of items. I think they demonstrate how much photography depends on the person behind the camera, everything else simply builds upon your knowledge, skills, and talent. And the available light.


Prior to that we did our first video shoot with Jackie Murphy, Creative Director and her team from Vital Companies. What a fun experience!  We did the shoot in my own kitchen so that was even more interesting.  It is amazing the amount of work that goes into a food video and all of the moving parts that it takes to make it successful.  Jim and I both learned so much that day and are excited to do our next one!

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