To Mom with Love...

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Family preparing a table outdoors for a Mother's Day meal
To Mom with Love…

It may be time to retire the annual Mother’s Day breakfast-in-bed this year, but don’t stress about whipping up a celebratory feast by yourself. This Mother’s Day buffet idea is easy enough for the kiddos to help out with, yet it is luxurious and delicious enough to feel like you’ve been dining out for a celebration. (*And bonus! Just because it’s not breakfast in bed doesn’t mean you can’t still wear your pajamas in the comfort of your own home!! 😆) Perhaps best of all for this occasion, whether it’s shopping, measuring, mixing, or adding the finishing touches, we’ve set up a plan that helps you help your child get in on all the action to make mama’s day the best day possible.

Ummmm…reminder… Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s time to start planning for the big day! Today, I’m sharing a Mother’s Day buffet idea to make for a nice Mother’s Day meal at home with the family. Whatever you do, you know Mom will love and appreciate it.

Whether you’re thinking of special Mother’s Day breakfast ideas or of how best to prepare a Mother’s Day lunch or dinner, something fun to consider is a Mother’s Day buffet! I mean, who doesn’t love a buffet? The choices, the variety, the ability to take what you want in the amount you want? You can create a fun breakfast, lunch, dinner, or brunch buffet if you’d like and stack it with all the goodies Mom loves! 

One of the most important parts of creating Mom’s buffet has to be getting the kids involved. This is so important. It gives the children ownership in their very special gift. Creating a great Mother’s Day buffet is just that much more special when the kids have a hand in making it all happen! Plus, you know that Mom will cherish and appreciate the gesture even more than the actual meal itself. Seeing Mom beam with pride and seeing the kids glow with achievement – that's a fantastic Mother’s Day moment.

Get the kids very involved in creating your Mother’s Day buffet. Obviously, kids can do most or at least be involved in every step required to get the outcome you desire; not only can they do a lot of the cooking, but they can also help with everything from setting the budget to setting the table, planning the menu, grocery shopping, and even how you might decorate for the occasion and make sure everything looks great for Mom when she gets a load of her surprise! 

We’ve included some very handy printable lists that will make the prep a snap and help the kiddos help you. Simply give them a page or two of our list and see how quickly everything starts to come together. You’ll be surprised by how much your children can do to actually help.

It’s best to let the children handle it all when possible, even if the plates might not match perfectly, and there will be a little mess here and there. It’s all about them putting in the time and effort and getting to beam when Mom’s jaw drops after she sees all that they have done. They’ll feel so great after all of it that you’ll see the pride on their faces and hear it in their voices. 

If your mom — or your favorite mom-like person — is anything like ours, then she deserves to be pampered every day! Unfortunately, we too often fall short of that aspiration, so treating her on Mother's Day with a buffet of her very own, filled with foods she loves is just one small way we can show our appreciation for everything she does for us. With this easy buffet idea, we help you whip up a feast that looks and tastes like it took far more time than it did, so you can spend less time in the kitchen, and more time hanging out with Mom. Now you just need to pick a Mother's Day gift!

What if you yourself feel like less than a pro in the kitchen? Don't fret. We've come up with a bunch of delicious Mother's Day buffet item ideas that are super easy to execute.

Lemonade Bar Recipe framed by image of lemons

Salad Bar recipe framed by image of salad ingrediants

Pasta & Mac Bar Recipe framed by image of noodles

Ice Cream Bar recipe framed by image of ice cream cones

No matter what mom’s favorite is, the only thing left to do is grab a beautiful floral arrangement (or even a couple of flowers from the yard) and a couple of candles for a centerpiece, set the table, and you'll be set for a happy-Mom-making Mother’s Day celebration. Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Bellisari’s!

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