That One Friend Who Doesn’t Know How To Cook….

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That one friend who doesn't know how to cook.


That one friend who doesn’t know how to cook….

We all have that one friend who can’t cook.  That one friend who brings a box of crackers and a block of cheese to the party. The one friend who never has a dinner party at their house because they wouldn’t know where to begin and would be way too overwhelmed.  You all know who you are and let’s talk about why you are that person.

I feel very strongly as a parent it is my role to teach my children their way around the kitchen.  I feel it lends itself to better eating habits, better socialization skills and a better future partner.  We all have days that we don’t want the mess or the aftermath of the kids “helping me” in the kitchen but remember that small amount of time and patients can eliminate that title of “friend who can’t cook”.

Start with simple things like kitchen safety, baking brownies, making pasta or even making scrambled eggs, soon those eggs can turn into a rustic frittata that your child is making for your Sunday family brunch.  Create cooking competitions in your kitchen and print out simple certificates for the winner.  It would take an hour out of your day this summer when you are looking for things to do and will create a child that adds grilled chicken and roasted peppers to their ramen noodles while they are away at college.  You never know what or who you may inspire so do your kids a favor and take the time! 

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