Tailgating 101

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Tailgating 101


With football season gearing up it's time to take inventory of your supplies and get your list together to make the morning pack up as smooth as possible. Here are 15 important reminders that can make your tailgate much more enjoyable.


  • Freeze water bottles so they become giant ice cubes for your drink cooler.
  • Refrigerate your beverages overnight so your ice is not working as hard in the cooler and will last longer.
  • Shape your patties and place them between wax paper the night before the game. Skewer and marinate your kebabs the night before as well. 
  • Clean your grill a few days before the tailgate and remember to oil it to keep food from sticking.

Your tailgate gear

  • A pop-up canopy tent provides instant shade on hot, sunny days, and protection from a steady downpour if it rains. A standard 10 x 10-foot canopy offers 100 square feet of space. Look for canopies that have weather-resistant, UV-blocking covers and anchors to keep your temporary tailgating home in place. Tie a balloon or a flag to the top so your friends can find you easily!
  • Pack a medium plastic bin or tool box with everything you need to enjoy your food and drinks: spatulas, bottle/can openers, tongs, toothpicks/wooden skewers, a basting brush, a small flashlight, trash bags, paper towels, wet wipes, ponchos, plastic zip bags, condiments, spices and seasonings. 90% of your problems can be solved with hand sanitizer, duct tape and a Sharpie. Stay a step ahead of the next game by replenishing the items you’ve used soon after returning home.
  • Portable wireless speakers keep you and your guests entertained. If your speakers are enabled with Bluetooth technology, you’ll be able to stream and control your music from any Bluetooth-enabled wireless device. Make sure to keep your devices charged up and ready to go with an on-the-go charger or extra batteries.
  • Remember to bring a phone charger. 
  • A cooler can always be used to keep things warm as well as cold-bring an extra empty cooler with you.
  • Fill an empty six pack holder with your favorite condiments.


  • Never take out your jumper cables and always pack an extension cord. 
  • Label your coolers so your guests don’t have to dig through multiple coolers to find their beverage of choice.
  • Pack a mini first aid kit.
  • Remember to pack your Bellisari’s Gourmet Convenience Spreads and Sauces for easy appetizers and condiments.
  • Bring a metal bucket for still-glowing coals and make sure the grill is extinguished properly when you're ready to leave.

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