Scary but Delicious! Ideas for Fun Halloween Treats

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When it comes to throwing a memorable Halloween party, it's all about paying attention to details. Yes, everything from trick-or-treating to DIY Halloween costumes are all part of the fun. Think spooky drinks, creepy snacks, creative decor, and scary desserts. Plus, incorporate some easy Halloween crafts, entertaining games, and even playful touches, like spider ice cubes, and your guests are guaranteed to have a ghoulishly good time. Take a look at these standout Halloween-themed recipes to make this year's celebration your best one yet.

A Halloween party has the potential to be the best party of the year.  With costumes, candy, cobwebs, and more, you can transform your home into an elegant haunted house or a scene from a movie. Whatever theme you’re looking for, we’ve listed some creative Halloween food ideas that will make your party the spookiest bash of the year.

Donuts of any shape or flavor make me happy, but this fun twist makes these spooky sweets perfect for celebrating halloween. Our Screaming Ghost Donuts ( are super fun to make and eat! With a few very simple ingredients these scary moaning treats will fit your spooky theme to a T! 

When it comes to main courses, it can be tough to come up with ideas that fit the theme but still taste amazing. This year, really take the Halloween spirit over the top with our delicious, but super spooky, Squid Ink Pasta ( Unusually colored pasta full of octopus tentacles sounds scary, but tastes amazing!

Finally, no Halloween party is complete without lots and lots of candy! You can buy many Halloween-themed candies, but you can also make these festive bites using store-bought candy and our ready-to-eat phyllo cups: these Phyllo Candy Bites ( look fun and taste even better!

Whatever your plans for the holiday include, these tasty recipes are perfect for any Halloween celebration. Happy Halloween from all of us at Bellisari’s!

Donuts with ghost faced holes, with a Bellisari's Blistered Jalapeño and Fig Spread jar.

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