Potlucks, Parties, and Perfect Gifts for Wedding Season

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Wedding season is almost here (June Brides!), and along with the tying the knot ceremonies come also a lot of pre-wedding parties and bridal showers. We literally “shower” the couple with gifts to start their marriage off with the things they need to set up a house together. I always think a fun theme can really turn a shower into a very enjoyable gathering. I’ve been to holiday themed showers, sports themes, kitchen and garden themes, and many other creative, clever, and fun bridal showers. I was recently invited to a potluck shower. Not only were guests instructed to bring a dish to share, but we were also asked to bring a recipe card, and finally, we were supposed to bring a gift that went along with the potluck theme.

 The idea behind a potluck is that you bring enough food or drink to share with others, and they do the same. Put a little effort into it, and a little love, and you will enjoy your meal with your friends – and that is what a potluck is all about.

In the summer, I like to take our Saigon Slaw (https://bit.ly/3wxyuxw) to potlucks. It’s the perfect crunchy side for almost any entrée! The fact that it is served cold makes it easy to pop out of the fridge and right on to the buffet table. As it warms to room temperature, it’s still quite good. If you want to keep it cold, place a bowl of ice underneath or some of the portable containers come with cold packs that work nicely.

Another thing to consider when deciding what to take to a shower or any potluck event during this very busy time of year is simplicity. End-of-the-school year activities can feel overwhelming, so choose recipes with fewer ingredients and quick prep times. Our 3-ingredient Blistered Jalapeno and Fig Mini Phyllo Shells (https://bit.ly/2RNQx3F) are not only super easy to put together, but they are also so yummy that everyone will be asking for the recipe.

Finally, this Brown Butter Balsamic & Berry Angel Food Cake (https://bit.ly/3wzys8u) might just be the perfect dessert to take to a potluck. Starting with a store-bought angel food cake, all you have to do is make this delicious, gourmet topping, and you’re off to a fabulous start. 

For any of these recipes I’ve shared, it would be fairly easy to come up with a gift that goes along with the food you brought to the party. Duplicates of the different bowls, casserole dishes, and platters that you’re using to carry and ultimately serve these delicious offerings, plus a card with the recipe written on it, and your potluck bridal shower gift is sure to be a big success!

We have so many amazing recipes on our website that we’re sure you’ll find the inspiration you need to create a culinary masterpiece for any special celebration in your plans. Make it even easier on yourself by ordering one of our popular Bellisari’s gift options to give as your gift. You’ll find what you need right here: https://bit.ly/2Syr6U4

Even if they don’t know it yet, every couple needs a little gourmet convenience in their pantry. 😋 If you’ve found a Bellisari’s recipe you like or some other dish where you’ve incorporated our Bellisari’s spreads and sauces, I’d love to hear about it! Let me know in the comments.


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