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Party Planning

Parties are meant to be fun, but if you’re the person doing the planning, they can also be stressful. Follow these simple tips to plan your party like a pro, and you will be able to relax and enjoy the event just as much as your guests do.

Get Organized -- Add the date of your party to your calendar as soon as you know it. Then work backwards adding in everything that you need to do in the days before. Make a to-do list based on those tasks. Try to prioritize tasks by how important and urgent they are rather than how much you want to do them.

Choose a Theme -- Whether it’s full-on fancy dress, a particular decade, or just your favorite color, having a theme in mind can help you to create a party with a cohesive professional look. Once you have decided your theme, choosing décor, food, and drinks will be much easier.

Plan Your Menu – For me, this is the best part. Shock! 😉 Buffets and finger foods are often a popular choice for parties for a variety of reasons. Providing a range of small food items helps to ensure that there is something for everyone. Another bonus of serving buffet-style is that guests can help themselves, giving you more time to mingle and enjoy your party. Don’t forget beverages! Whether you’re serving beer and wine, a signature cocktail, or a full bar, be sure to have plenty of water and other soft drinks on hand too. Figure out how much food and drink you need with our handy, printable Party Menu Calculator (Visit for delicious ideas.)

Sit Back & Enjoy -- With all the party planning and hosting, it can be difficult to remember that you should take time to enjoy the gathering. The most important thing about having guests for a party is to enjoy having them there. Make preparation easy on yourself, so you can enjoy the company of friends and family. Save the cleanup for after they go and have a good time with your guests.

Whether you're a first-time entertainer or a seasoned party guru, it can take a lot of planning to throw that perfect party. Follow our quick tips and Party Menu Calculator, and you'll soon be on your way to hosting a successful soiree.

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