Philanthropic Educational Organization

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Philanthropic Educational Organization


We were very honored to be invited to speak today at a local Columbus Chapter of P.E.O. and to tell our story.  Thank you Anna Vescelius for introducing us to an amazing group of women who are changing the lives of so many.  

For those of you not familiar with P.E.O., P.E.O. (Philanthropic Educational Organization) is passionate about its mission: promoting educational opportunities for women. The Sisterhood has six philanthropic projects, which include Cottey College, an independent, liberal arts and sciences college for women. Five programs provide assistance to women for higher education: P.E.O. Educational Loan Fund, P.E.O. International Peace Scholarship Fund, P.E.O. Program for Continuing Education, P.E.O. Scholar Awards, and P.E.O. STAR Scholarship. P.E.O. is headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa.

To date (2017) more than $304 million has been awarded to over 102,000 women from the organization's six educational philanthropies. P.E.O. has awarded Educational Loan Fund (ELF) dollars totaling more than $185.8 million, International Peace Scholarships (IPS) are more than $36 million, Program for Continuing Education (PCE) grants are more than $52.6 million, P.E.O. Scholar Awards (PSA) are more than $23 million and P.E.O. STAR Scholarships (STAR) are more than $6.6 million. In addition, 8,500 women have graduated from Cottey College. 

Please take a minute to familiarize yourself with P.E.O. and its mission.  Your heart will be full!

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