Over Eating After A Holiday

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Over Eating After a Holiday


So....if you're like me you're going to "cheat" this coming weekend with all the Fourth of July picnics, parades, barbecues and camping, so you need to have a plan.  We have a big family get-together where we camp, play games, watch an outdoor movie and EAT! That includes the traditional S'MORES!!

For me, I'm already thinking of getting back and getting the bad food out of my diet. I do try to limit what I can, but even after a few slip-ups, I can tell a total difference in how I feel. Sluggish, tired, workouts not as great, feeling the need for more sleep than normal, headache, etc. This is all a repercussion of the sugar and increase carbs I allowed myself to consume!

My plan of action is getting back on my normal routine for sticking to a healthier eating plan. These are my main steps each week to living a healthier life:

1).  I prep! This means preparing my food ahead of time each week for each day. 

2).  I watch servings! For instance, healthy fruits and vegetables equals one fistful (that would be enough fruits and vegetables to amount the size of my fist), lean proteins one palm full, low sugar carbohydrates half a fistful and healthy fats the size of my thumb.

3).  I make sure I get protein every morning which keeps my brain functioning well throughout the day. This will usually follow or proceed a workout. Typically, I will consume a protein shake (one scoop of protein, half water, half almond milk, ice and two generous handfuls of spinach).  The bullet does its magic then "wha-la"! Super yummy!

4).  I do not eat after 6 PM!

5).  I will not have alcohol!

6).  I drink water generally with organic lemon juice. I drink half my body weight in ounces each day.  Tip: purchase a 40+ ounce bottle, make it up in the morning and drink on it all day!

Performing these simple steps can set you back up to being successful after a night or weekend binge!

One last thing, I get back on my workout schedule! Make workouts a must, just part of your normal routine! YOU - Body – Mind – Soul will be happier and function better!


Jennifer Seiler, MSN, FNP, AOCNP Hematology Oncology Nurse Practitioner

-J2 Wellness Center  

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