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Even though summer isn't technically over until September 21, Labor Day marks the unofficial end to a season of cookouts, lazy days by the pool, family beach vacations, and shortened Friday workdays. You've got one last three-day weekend to enjoy, so take advantage. Make your Labor Day labor-free with some thoughtful planning and a few easy recipes. 

One way to lighten the workload is to make larger batches of foods that can be used over the weekend in different recipes. A recipe like our Sheet Pan Barista Chicken is just that kind of dish. (Sheet Pan Barista Chicken – Bellisari's Gourmet Convenience) Marinate chicken pieces and cook them in a big batch in the oven. What could be easier? Now you have deliciously cooked chicken that can be used in myriad ways throughout the weekend.

If you’re supposed to bring a dish to share to a party, use some of that delicious cooked chicken in a recipe like our Barista Chicken Dip ( Cheesy, warm, and with just the right amount of peppery heat, this hearty dip is wonderful served with tortilla chips or any other corn chip works too. With chicken you already cooked and just a few other ingredients, this party recipe is super quick and easy.

If you need to get lunch on the table for a crowd, whip up a plate full of Barista Grilled Chicken Wraps -- except instead of grilling chicken breasts, use the barista chicken you’ve already cooked. ( So easy and on the table in no time flat!

If dinner is the meal you need to serve, whole pieces of Sheet Pan Barista chicken with yummy sides that are easy to make using our gourmet sauces and spreads is the ticket to hassle-free entertaining. For example, our Barista Mexican Street Corn is our twist on this trendy, flavor-packed food and what better way to round out the last long weekend of the summer than with sweet corn from local farmers. And finish off the plate with either one of these Bellisari’s slaw recipes which add crunch and healthy veggies to your meal. ( or (

The bottom line is to try not to labor this Labor Day. Choose simple recipes that deliver a big taste without taking a long time to prepare. Our sauces and spreads make serving foods with gourmet flavors so easy! Try some today. Happy Labor Day from all of us at Bellisari’s!

Bellisari's Calabrian Pepper jar placed next to lasagna dip and a bucket of cold beers.

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