No Fireworks? No Problem Have a Festive Fourth of July

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No Fireworks? No Problem Have a Festive Fourth of July

We’ve all been through so many “firsts” this year, and the 4th of July will be another -- our first Independence Day during a pandemic. Long-lived traditions will be scrapped this year. You might not even have a chance to see live fireworks anywhere in your community. Parades and festivals are cancelled, and even if they're not, it feels dangerous to be in a crowd. The dilemma becomes: How to celebrate The Fourth of July during the times of Covid 19?

You may have been stuck with the same small group of people for the past couple of months, but if you’re celebrating a holiday, you don’t want this day to feel like the same old thing. The pre-COVID party concerns remain: what should I cook? What should I serve to drink? But another, more critical question has entered the fold: how can I ensure everyone is safe?

I am of the opinion that you can make things feel like a party by serving festive foods, pouring festive drinks, and planning activities that keep everyone laughing and having fun. And you can do it all while keeping your loved ones safe from Coronavirus.

By now, we're all drilled in the art of the thorough hand-wash and this should continue if guests enter your home. Hosts should ensure there's enough hand sanitizer or soap for guests, and everyone should practice respiratory etiquette (sneezing or coughing into a tissue or elbow, immediately disposing of the tissue in a bin, washing your hands afterwards).

This year, serving food “family style” might need a rethink. Studies suggest that coronavirus pathogens can survive for a few hours on surfaces, so those handy tongs may need to rest in the kitchen drawer for now. I suggest moving away from shared salads and vegetables. Instead, put out individual servings or serve all of the meal from the kitchen and give each person their own separate plate of food. These days, NOT sharing is caring!

Maybe most importantly, and this applies to guests and hosts too – if you or a member of your household is feeling unwell, it's best to take a raincheck.

As far as food goes, visit for recipes and ideas. You’re sure to find delicious options with gourmet flavors. Drinks are easy; beer, wine, and plenty of water are really all you need, but a cooler full soda is always welcome too.

Get out that red, white, and blue decor, and have a blast celebrating our nation’s birthday! Happy 4th of July from all of us at Bellisari’s!

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