Mother’s Day Brunch Plan for Dads and Kids

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Pssst...Dads...since restaurants are not an option, this Mother’s Day let’s surprise Mom with an amazing brunch at home! I’ll make it easy for you by providing the menu and decorating ideas; then all you have to do is shop, cook, and set the table. Don’t worry if cooking is not your forte. Bellisari’s Gourmet Spreads and Sauces do all the heavy lifting in these recipes, conveniently delivering gourmet flavors already lovingly mixed for you by Bellisari’s. If you can follow a recipe, and buy a few things at the grocery store, you’ve got Mother’s Day covered!

Dads, don’t forget to get the children involved. No matter what their ages, there’s almost always something they can do to feel a part of this treat for Mommy. If you need them out of the kitchen, set them up with some paper and crayons, and have them make cards for Mom. Remember, there was no Mother’s Day gift made at school this year. ;-)

Mother’s Day Brunch Menu

Calabrian Pepper Frittata: This simple-to-prepare egg dish looks elegant and is the perfect main course for a family brunch.

Easter Asparagus Puff Pastry Bundles: These little bundles of joy look and taste super fancy; the secret is store-bought frozen puff pastry!

Bacon and/or Sausage or any protein you like. Smoked salmon is a nice addition to any brunch.

Fruit -- fresh berries or melon make an easy and healthy side.

Rolls -- dinner rolls, croissants, or biscuits -- include some kind of bread.

Signature Cocktail

Coffee and/or tea

*Read over these recipes to make your shopping list. 

Don’t forget something sweet, and don’t fret if you're not a baker. It doesn’t have to be homemade. Any cake, pie, coffee cake, sweet roll or donut that you know she’d love is in the bakery section of your supermarket. If you aren’t sure, get something “breakfasty” like cinnamon rolls AND something chocolate like a cake. I’m sure you know which things are her favorites.

A special cocktail is always a nice touch. The classic Bloody Mary or Mimosa are good options, but this Mother’s Day something different like a fruity white-wine sangria or a tequila sunrise might be a nice change of pace. Again, you know her tastes better than almost anyone, so serve something you know she’ll enjoy.

The final touch that will knock this brunch out of the park is setting a beautiful and thoughtful table to make this celebration extra special.

You will need the following:

A tablecloth (any plain color will work. Even white!)

The best matching dishes you own. (Bring out the wedding china if you have it.)

Some fun, matching napkins (preferably cloth, but cute paper works too.)

Matching glassware.

A small vase or other container for fresh flowers.

Fresh flowers -- if you have spring blooming in your yard, gather some colorful flowers and foliage right at home. If not, a relatively inexpensive bouquet is available in most grocery stores. A small bunch of flowers -- not tall -- for the center of the table, and one flower for each place setting is what you’ll need.

Small cardstock pieces and pen or marker to make place cards for each person having brunch. (This may seem silly for a small family meal, but it adds a little something extra to make the celebration stand out.)

Set the table, placing the fork to the left of the plate, the knife directly to the right of the plate always with the blade facing the plate, and the spoon directly to the right of the knife. Place glassware at the top of the knife and spoon at each place setting. (If using stemware, place the water goblet above the knife and the wine glass above the spoon.)

Finally, place a folded napkin in the center of each plate. Place a flower on top of each napkin, leaning a place card for each person on the flower. (The children can help with a lot of this.)

Mom deserves to be pampered, so make sure that when the meal is over, you shoo her away to read a book or take a bubble bath while you and the kids completely clean up the dishes and any mess left in the kitchen. Leave the kitchen even cleaner than when you started, and you’re sure to get extra Mother’s Day points.

Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Bellisari’s!

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