Grilled Fish Tips

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Grilled Fish Tips


During the summer months I love grilling out as much as possible. There are so many options, many of them healthy ones, including fish.  Fish can be a little trickier to grill than chicken, steak or veggies so it is important to be knowledgeable as to what type of fish that grill well and not fall apart.  Delicate fish like tilapia or flounder do not fare so well on the grill because they will fall through the grates. It is best to choose a firm fish or one that can be cut into steaks.  Snapper is a mild white fish that is a firm fillet and is great for grilling. I usually lather the snapper with our Balsamic Shallot & Black Garlic Spread and serve with a cold cucumber salad.  Salmon typically comes in fillets when you purchase it at the fishmonger or grocery store.  It can be cut into steaks as well and both are firm and hold up well on the grill.  Many grill masters will use cedar chips or planks to grill their salmon.  I love mine with our Barista Sauce glaze and basmati rice.  Swordfish is one of my favorite fish to grill because it is so meaty and is also sold as a steak.  I love pairing it with our Saigon Street Slaw recipe.  I grill the fish and serve each steak on a bed of the slaw. Yum!!  Arctic char, halibut and Mahi Mahi are also other fish that grill well. 

A few things to remember when purchasing fish to grill out…steaks come from larger fish, and larger fish tend to be fattier, and fat equals flavor, of course. Request ones that are at least 1″ thick. Secondly, it is important to be aware of sustainability and sourcing when choosing fish and or seafood.  There are many great apps but probably the most popular is Monterey Bay Seafood Watch.  It will let you know what fish are being overfished or endangered at any given time.  Last but most important is clean your grill thoroughly and brush oil on the grates to keep the fish from sticking before grilling! 

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