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It’s that exciting time of year again – the holidays! And along with the cherished time spent with family and friends, also comes the gift-giving holiday too. Christmas or Hanukkah, we almost all have someone to buy for, and if you’re like me, you want the gift to be thoughtful and appealing but unique at the same time. Finding a gift that checks all the boxes can be difficult. Never fear, Bellisari’s is here to take away all of your gift-giving challenges!

I’ve always been a big fan of food gifts. Whether it’s something I’ve baked or some delicacy I’ve purchased, I find giving food as a gift satisfies me in a different way than giving something for the house or an item of clothing. Giving food is actually giving sustenance to the recipient. Often food represents comfort and can even evoke memories of childhood and home and warm and happy times spent with loved ones. 

Those are a few of the reasons we’ve put together these Bellisari’s gifts featuring a variety of our delicious spreads and sauces. One of my favorite options is definitely our 4 Pack Sampler! If you’re having a hard time deciding, try this 4 Pack Sampler of our best sellers. This convenient gift package has four 4 oz. jars of our top selling items - Blistered Jalapeno & Fig Spread, Saigon Street Sauce, Blue Cheese Honey & Shallot Spread, and Calabrian Pepper & Sweet Tomato Fennel Spread. Recipes and Serving Suggestions are included. We even suggest the right beer or wine to pair with our different products. 

The recipient of this gift will love an opportunity to try four of our wide variety of options. In addition to having them on hand if someone drops by and you need a quick hors d'oeuvre to offer your guests, our website features many recipes using our sauces and spreads. You can have a gourmet meal on the table within minutes and with very little work. Anyone would love to receive our sampler as a gift.

Our Blistered Jalapeno & Fig Spread brings that craving-inducing combination of sweet and spicy – but not too spicy – to the table. This versatile spread is good on its own as a dip, but combine it with some salty mascarpone or even mild cream cheese and you have a winning flavor combo that will keep you coming back for more!

Saigon Street Sauce is a mustard-based sauce with an Asian flair! Inspired by Vietnamese food, this sauce is an exceptional balance of heat and sweet roasted garlic flavor. It goes great with burgers, sandwiches, and as a gourmet finishing sauce. You can even smother a pork loin with this full-bodied, flavorful sauce and bake for an easy weeknight meal.

The 4 Pack Sampler also includes our Blue Cheese, Honey, & Shallot Spread. This creamy decadent spread is a complex arrangement of sharp and salty blue cheese flavor and artisan honey, and finished with a balance of roasted shallots. This is delicious served on toasted, crusty baguette slices and topped with crumbled pancetta pieces.  Paired with a nice Riesling, you’ve got a winning combination!

Finally, the fourth selection in our gift pack is our Calabrian Pepper & Sweet Tomato Fennel Spread. From the hills of Calabria, these complex peppers balance spicy, fruity, smokey, and salty flavors with sweet tomatoes and the subtle hint of fennel. Add a heaping spoonful to a bowl of farfalle pasta and fresh basil for an easy gourmet meal or use as a sauce for your favorite flatbread. You won’t be disappointed!

As we come to the end of another year, and the holidays loom large, show your appreciation to family, friends, neighbors, clients, employees, bosses, teachers, and anyone else on your gift-giving list, with a gift of Bellisari’s Gourmet Sauces and Spreads. The 4 Pack Sampler is a solid choice, but there are many other options as well. Check them out at Happy shopping from all of us at Bellisari’s!

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