Food for Thought: Southern Desserts with a Bellisari’s Twist

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When it comes to the best desserts here in the good ole U.S. of A, what region do you think of? Out west? Or maybe the east coast? Well, bless your heart, but you are so wrong if you don’t think the best desserts come from the south of our diverse country! The delights of Peach Cobbler, Key Lime Pie, and other classic Southern desserts are ready for you to make – some with a Bellisari’s twist!

Could there be a better southern dessert than Peach Cobbler? Maybe…if it’s a Peach Cobbler made with Bellisari’s Blistered Jalapeno & Fig Spread. Try Auntie B’s Blistered Peach Cobbler recipe the next time it’s your turn to make dessert, and you’ll turn up the flavor too! Fresh peaches topped with our gourmet spread and a decadent batter will have guests asking for seconds. You don’t have to tell anyone how easy it was to make. 😉 

With the summer weather heating up, it’s the perfect time to make a Bellisari’s Key Lime Sheet Cake! Bellisari’s Blistered Jalapeno & Fig Spread adds a depth to this southern specialty that you’re not expecting when you take that first bite, but after that bite, you’ll be hooked and wanting more.

Chess pie is about as simple and southern as a dessert can be. Born of convenience rather than extravagance, the most basic chess pie filling consists of butter, sugar, eggs, and flour in a single pastry crust. Our version uses cake mix, pumpkin, and our phyllo shells to make this easy take on the classic southern dessert.

All of us at Bellisari’s say, “Heavens to Betsy, if you haven’t tried these Southern dessert recipes yet, what are you waiting for?!” 😋

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