Food for Thought: Snow Day Comforts

Posted by Annette Bellisari on

As I sit here in snowy Columbus, Ohio, I find myself wondering how other adults feel on these days. On days like these, I’m a kid again and my excitement is fueled by each flake that falls. Sadly, my adult snow days don’t quite look like my kid snow days did. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to have a magical snow day in the comfort of your warm home. 

As a kid, there were few happenings more exciting than a SNOW DAY!! (If you’re not from Ohio, you might think of ours as a very cold and snowy state, and if you live in the Cleveland area, you’d be right, but here in central Ohio, we usually only get a few significant snow falls each year.) However, as an adult with responsibilities outside of the home, a snow day may take on a whole new feeling. How do you cope when the weather outside is “frightful?!” If you can, do you hunker down for a day of warm comforts? If so, what are your “go-tos” for a cozy snow day at home?

It will come as no surprise to you that the first thing I think of when I wake up to cold and snowy weather is food! What comfort food shall I make for myself and the boys?

Soups or something similar is what I crave when it’s cold outside – something I can make a big pot of to warm us from the inside out. Of course, there are loads of delicious recipes on our website to choose from. Today I’m recommending our Bacon, Blue Cheese & Shallot Potato Soup ( This simple-to-make creamy soup is the perfect lunch or dinner on a cold winter day. Add a piece of crusty bread, and you pretty much have heaven in a bowl.

My next thought is usually that we need a fire in the fireplace, some cozy, soft, and warm blankets, and finally cuddles with my boys and my pets. We’ll settle in to watch movies or maybe do a puzzle or play a board game.

Our intern, Danielle, says her favorite things to do when it’s too cold to go outside include baking, movie marathons, playing cards, and drinking warm drinks.

If you do happen to live in central Ohio, you know that our weather is fickle, and although we woke to several inches of snow this morning, we’ll likely end the day with rain and a slushy mess. Oh well…hot soup is still good on a cold rainy day too. 😋 Happy snow days from all of us at Bellisari’s!

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