Food for Thought: Non-Traditional Valentine’s Day

Posted by Annette Bellisari on

Is the thought of spending Valentine's in a crowded restaurant not really doing it for you? I can't say I blame you. Just because dinner out may be off the cards, it's not to say you can't do something. There are plenty of alternative Valentine's Day ideas to show that special person you care.  
If you've ever found yourself thinking "I don't know what to do for Valentine's Day," today I’m sharing some favorite alternative things to do on Valentine's Day to help you get inspired:
  • Movie Night – Whether you feel like having a movie marathon or watching a quick chick flick, beat the crowds and go all out with a film night at home. We're talking blankets, popcorn, candy, ice cream - you name it! For the perfect anti-Valentine's day date, go for a gory horror film. 
  • Eat around the world – Can't afford to go traveling this Valentine's? Reinvent it at home instead. Think about your favorite couple's vacation destination and create a picnic of treats from that particular place. This might involve a bit of forward planning if your favorite is somewhere far-flung and terribly exotic, but if you happen to love France or Spain, think baguettes, brie, paella, cold meats, etc. Print off any vacation photos you have and enjoy flicking through them together.
  • Create your own room service menu – Not so much a date, but a great alternative idea for Valentine's day! Create and print out a little room service menu that has all your loved one's favorite breakfasts, snacks, or indulgent foods on it. It doesn’t have to be fancy - how about a toast menu with a selection of spreads? Serve on a tray and bring it to them before they get out of bed. 
  • Build a blanked fort for adults- You're only as old as you want to be. If you can't afford a gift, this could make a really romantic gesture. Escape reality and all those other loved-up couples, and build your own blanket fort for your Valentine's date night. Complete with TV, books, magazines, snacks, cushions, and Netflix. It's the perfect retreat.

While a fun date night or a special outing with a loved one is a great way to spend this holiday, don’t forget to remind yourself to welcome each day with love being genuinely presented to you. Because after all, while Valentine’s Day is a reminder to express and show love, it need not be reserved for one day of the year.

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Bellisari’s!

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