Food for Thought: Bellisari's Partners Favorite Mother's Day Memory

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Food for Thought:

Bellisari’s Partners Favorite Mother’s Day Memory

As a Women-Owned business, Bellisari’s loves to let our foodies and customers get to know the women behind the brand. As with many friendships, you get to know each other by telling stories. Telling stories about our childhoods and the memories we have helps people get to know us and about the kind of upbringing we have had. Of the women who own and operate Bellisari’s, not all of us are mothers, but, of course, we all had mothers. So I asked the question: What is your favorite childhood memory of Mother’s Day?   

I’ll start by telling mine. Growing up in an Italian family our lives are always surrounded by food…and typically too much food. Mother’s Day is no exception. My favorite recipes that I continue to request from my mom are either her meatballs, gnocchi, or cheesy potatoes.  On Mother’s Day, her go-to is Cheesy Potatoes.  

In addition to being a good cook, my mom has an amazing green thumb. Her request on Mother’s  Day is for all her children and grandchildren to help her in her yard.  It makes for a fun tradition! 

My business partner, Michelle, remembers childhood Mother’s Days fondly, and not surprisingly, there’s food connected to the memory. Michelle’s mom is a fabulous cook and like me, many of her best memories center around special foods. Michelle says, “Mother’s Day for us always started with breakfast. Since we had to be at church early, as children we would always be awakened by the smell of mom’s famous coffee cake baking in the oven. We would gather around the kitchen table to eat the rare treats of bacon and eggs with the delicious coffee cake.

Now that we are older, we try to make sure the moms in our family don’t have to do much on that day, so we prepare the meals they would like and let them put up their feet and enjoy the day, and of course, there is always coffee cake.”

Do you have any special memories of Mother’s Day? If you are a mother or you have a mother-to-treat special on her day, Bellisari’s Gourmet Sauces & Spreads can help make this Mother’s Day very special. Whether you give our products as a gift or use them to cook something delicious for Mom and the rest of the family, Bellisari’s will make this an especially memorable holiday. Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Bellisari’s!

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