Family, Friends And Food

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While the election brought so much uncertainty to us and our families, it is perfect that Thanksgiving falls shortly thereafter. It is a time that we can sit and reflect and be thankful together as a family for what we do have and who we have to share it with.

Food is a powerful source--it not only brings us together, it also introduces us to new cultures and new experiences. Experiences that we can cherish for a lifetime. Food plays such an important role in many cultures and in many families. I find it so interesting how traditions and recipes differ from family to family and from country to country. From spice to sauces, just the slightest variation can change the meal dramatically. 

Using food to bring people together has always been natural for myself and my family. I get joy out of creating a dish that I love, and I also want to give it to someone that I care for. It is my gift to them. It doesn’t have to be a formal occasion--it can be as simple as passing a jar around a table and sharing it. My little sister a few years back introduced us to the cookie butter that she had found and had wanted us to try. My nieces, my sister and I passed that jar around as we sat around the table that night. We still talk about that night (and that cookie butter) to this day. It is those experiences, even somewhat simple ones, that stay with us. Remember this holiday season to open up a jar of Bellisari’s spreads, pass it around the table and make some new memories. I promise they will be ones to remember.



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