Cooking Fails: When Good Food Goes Bad

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Cooking Fails

I’d like to think that everything that comes out of my kitchen is a mouthwateringly, delicious success. Unfortunately-it’s not! 😉 Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Not everyone can be a master chef, and I’m willing to bet that someone who is a master chef still turns out an epic fail occasionally.

Are you a recipe follower? Or do you just put ingredients together in ways that look good to you? It seems like if you’re following a recipe, the dish should turn out the same way every time, but we all know someone who follows a recipe to the letter but serves up something inedible, nonetheless. To those of us who cook, that seems impossible unless it’s just a bad recipe, but some people simply cannot cook!

Then there are those who are arguably good cooks, and probably 95% of what they prepare turns out good, if not great. They understand what ingredients and flavors go together generally, but sometimes they get a little too creative, resulting in experiments never to be repeated.

My family loves to tease me about “the dumpling that ate New York” after an early attempt at drop dumplings went horribly wrong. I didn’t have my broth hot enough or something, and the dumplings turned into one giant dough island in the middle of the pot! Ugh!

Then there are the times when I think “like” items can be substituted in dishes. The meal that comes to mind is a yummy broccoli and cheese soup recipe I like. I didn’t have broccoli, but I had cauliflower. What’s the big difference, right? Maybe the cauliflower would not taste as strong as the broccoli, but what else would be the difference? While ultimately, the soup was fine tasting, I hadn’t counted on the drab, almost gray color this turned out. It was not very appetizing to look at unless you’re a big fan of gruel! Ha! I think most of my epic fails are based around baking. To me, baking is an exact science and I am they type of chef that is “a little bit of this and a little bit of that” which sounds good to me. Fortunately, my oldest son is interested in baking and needs exact science in his baking world, which is a win- win.

One of the best things about Bellisari’s Sauces & Spreads is that the flavors are already combined into a perfect blend that works well in a variety of dishes, so we’ve set you up for success from the beginning. Our website features many recipes that are simple to make yet bring big flavors that will make you look like a pro!

We’d love to hear about any “epic fails” you’ve experienced in the kitchen. Tell us your story in the comments.

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