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March Madness

If we made brackets for what foods would be served the most during any Final Four viewing party, what would we find in your winner’s circle? I always want to serve something festive, but some of the time-honored traditional offerings aren’t all that exciting anymore. Not only are many of the standards looking and tasting a little tired, but after eating many of the deep-fried, fatty, carb-laden classics like hot wings, loaded potato skins, and cheese dip, you will quite likely look and feel a little sluggish and tired yourself!

This year invite the gang over for a reimagined March Madness viewing party by serving these recipes inspired by classic hors d’ oeuvres with a Bellisari’s twist:

This recipe for Barista Chicken Skewers is super easy but will satisfy anyone who was hoping to find wings on the menu. Marinating and grilling chicken tenders gives big flavor without the big fat and calorie count that come along with those deep-fried wings. This simple recipe only has three ingredients -- chicken, our Barista Sauce, and skewers! 

Deviled eggs are always a favorite, and these are unexpected and deliciously different. These high-protein finger foods are still creamy and decadent but are lighter than most deviled egg recipes as these do not include mayonnaise as an ingredient. Our Saigon Street Sauce is a mustard-based pepper sauce that blends wonderfully and gives a flavor boost to this old-fashioned appetizer.         

Finally, what’s a party spread without a fabulous dip?! (It’s not as tasty as our party, for one thing!) Balsamic Garlic Bacon Dip has bacon and cheese – two of America’s favorite party foods! This dip has cream cheese, half-and-half, and bacon, so I can’t claim it’s a light version of anything. I can claim, however, that this dip and a slice of crusty French bread are perfect for celebrating your team’s great victory or for helping soothe the defeated feeling a busted bracket can bring on. This dip is whatever you need it to be. 😉 

Enjoy March Madness!

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