Bellisari’s and Montaña de Luz: Helping Honduran Children with HIV/Aids

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Bellisari’s and Montaña de Luz: Helping Honduran Children with HIV/Aids

Most of us dream that our lives could somehow have an impact on making this world a better place. We would all love to live in a world where there is no poverty, disease, or crime. At Bellisari’s, we know that we have the opportunity and ability to help affect real change in the world, and so we are striving to do so in meaningful ways. 

One of the ways we give back is by partnering with an organization known as Montaña de Luz (MdL) – meaning “mountain of light” in Spanish – an international non-profit organization in Honduras that is dedicated to empowering youth and families impacted by HIV/AIDS. MdL was founded in 2000 by a group of volunteers from Columbus, OH and began as a hospice for children in the late stages of AIDS when the necessary medication was not yet available in Honduras. For children with HIV/AIDS in Honduras whose parents have died or have become too ill to care for them, MdL provides home visiting family support, foster care, and clinic-based services with the goal of “meeting families where they are” and keeping them together despite HIV/AIDS. The children they care for range in age from preschool to young adulthood. 

Children with HIV have special dietary, medical, educational, and psychological needs. Many of them came to MdL after experiencing extreme poverty, neglect, and oftentimes abuse. 

In 2018, MdL recognized their responsibility to care for those living with HIV outside of the walls of Montaña de Luz, and they began an extensive home visiting program which now serves over 50 families throughout Honduras that are affected by HIV/AIDS. 

MdL provides much-needed services such as:

  • transportation to medical appointments
  • private tutoring
  • psychological support
  • family counseling
  • an on-site school for our youth with learning differences 
  • one-on-one support and an individualized curriculum

Today, the majority of their youth are aged 15-20, and MdL focuses on helping them transition successfully into adulthood. Following their transition, MdL provides support and resources to help them secure employment, enter university, or reintegrate with their family. 

Bellisari’s is partnering with MdL for their “Fiesta,” an annual fundraiser to help sustain the programs in Honduras, by providing a cooking/wine event that people have bid on and purchased to help raise money for Montaña de Luz. Bellisari’s loves being involved to help support MdL’s mission and will be using their gourmet sauces and spreads to cook that evening. 

All of us at Bellisari’s love supporting Montaña de Luz!

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