4th Of July Parade Pandemonium

Posted by Annette Bellisari on

4th of July Parade Pandemonium


I grew up in a small suburb of Columbus and the 4th of July is very serious business in our town.  Two weeks out people start lining up their chairs on the parade route and even rope/tape them off so they are ready to go. There seems to be a “code” that is adhered to and the chairs seem to remain safe and sound until the big day arrives. A week out, the city will paint red, white and blue stars on the street and that is when you know that summer is officially here.  To outsiders and transplants this seems CRAZY and somewhat cult like.

Can you imagine waking up the 4th of July to a car with a foghorn outside your house yelling “wake up, wake up, time for the parade” as it drives through our streets.  Well, that is reality.  This small town parade has the OSU alumni band, floats and even small planes that advertise overhead.  On every corner there are parties with cookouts and alumni events, many getting ready for their reunions that typically happen that weekend.  It brings such a sense of community and traditions that continues year after year.  Family, friends, food……Happy 4th of July!

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