New Years Resolutions

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New Years Resolutions


New Years brings about many resolutions, but have you established resolutions for your family in the kitchen? I don’t think there is anyone pickier than my two kids when it comes to trying new foods. The battle is exhausting but I know I am not alone. One of my goals for our family for 2019 is for us to try a food from a different culture/part of the world each month. Now a days, our neighborhood is filled with specialty ethnic food markets from Japanese to Mexican, Ethiopian to Vietnamese and more. Many supermarkets have ethnic aisles as well if you don’t have specialty markets close by. Try making it fun and have them research the country/culture on-line and make handmade decorations for the table. You will be making memories and teaching the kids something new.

A second resolution we are planning on working on is asking the kids to help make a grocery list.

If your kids are picky like mine, this resolution is for you. By helping with the grocery list, kids become active participants in choosing ingredients and helping plan meals for the week. It’s not just a great way to get kids involved, it’s also a great way to stick to the list and to your grocery budget.

Last, but my most favorite kitchen resolution is to bake bread together. I am single handedly the worst baker in the family. I can create products and recipes all day long but for some reason when it comes to baking-I am the worst. I am hoping to change that this year. Sure, you can always pick up bread or rolls at the grocery store, but why not start the new year by baking bread at home? Whether you make bread by scratch, or use prepared dough as a base, baking together will create memories to last throughout the year. This goes hand in hand with trying recipes from different cultures…I can’t wait! Here is to a happy and healthy 2019 with much happiness and new adventures!

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