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State of the Bellisari's Business - 2018

As we celebrate our two-year anniversary, we can’t help but reflect upon what a wonderful, whirlwind of a journey it’s been.

On Sunday May 8, 2016, this little start-up specialty food company based in Columbus Ohio, flipped the switch and went “live” with a website, officially introducing Bellisari’s gourmet spreads and sauces to the world. We anxiously awaited that first online order, and watched with pride and accomplishment as they began rolling in. It was a beautiful culmination of years of planning, long hours, sleepless nights, and tremendous support from family, friends and community partners that our dream was becoming reality.

Two years later, we look back with such gratitude and want to say THANK YOU! Thanks to all of you who believed in us, and our product. Thanks to those local business partners who gave us a chance to prove ourselves and made a place for ‘Gourmet Convenience’ on their shelves. Thanks to our vendor partners for their patience and guidance as we worked through early challenges. And finally, thanks to our families for all of their sacrifices and support during these past two years. Without all of you, we would not be where we are today.

 Today, Bellisari’s is in such an exciting phase of growth:

-          What started online and in a few local stores, has grown to over 100 retail partner locations across eight states in retail outlets like specialty grocery stores, gourmet and gift shops, wine shops and wineries, meat and cheese shops, kitchen and kitchenware shops and home décor outlets.

-          Our original product lineup of six sauces and spreads is anticipated to double in size in the next 90 days, bringing new mouthwatering options to our customers.

-          Beyond the classic product jars, we now offer a full array of gift boxes and baskets to satisfy your needs for any holiday or special occasion.

But we have only just begun!

So our sincerest thank you for helping us get to where we are today, and we look forward to continuing on this journey with each and every one of you who made it possible in the first place.


Jim & Annette  


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